MO Disk Formatter

MO Disk Formatter 6.0

This package includes the MO disk formatter for Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS
6.0 (See all)

This package includes the MO device driver and MO disk formatter for Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS.
This device driver and formatter support a 2048 byte/sector MO disk (2.3GB, 1.3GB, 640MB) and a 512 byte/sector MO disk (540MB, 230MB, 128MB). When using the SCSI MO drive, a SCSI host adapter is required.
To use the SCSI MO device driver the ASPI manager must be correctly installed.
The ASPI manager software is usually included with the SCSI host adapter. Consult with the manufacturer concerning the ASPI manager software.
For Windows 3.1x and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 always connect your DynaMO 640AI to the secondary port.
This utility is for MS-DOS only. It is not supported using the native formatter in Windows 3.1 GUI.
This software is especially made for PC/AT and PC/AT compatible machines.
This software can be used free of charge. However, there is no support service.
This product is protected by copyright law.
Copyright of this product belongs to Fujitsu Limited.
You may not modify, duplicate, disassemble or recompile this software/utility, either wholly or in part.
You may make one copy of the software in machine-readable form for backup purposes only. The backup copy must include all copyright information contained on the original.
The contents of the manual and specifications of the software contained in the package are subject to change without prior notice.
Redistribution of this software/utility, either wholly or in part, without the express consent of Fujitsu Limited is prohibited.
Fujitsu assumes no direct or indirect responsibility for damages occurring during use of this software or inability to use the software, under any circumstances.

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